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Discover how our smart family app turns everyday moments into educational adventures for your children with available household items.

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Three inputs, custom activities

Every activity comes with its steps, prompts and developmental benefits.

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    Share your Child's Interestse.g. Animals, Cars, Nature, Superheroes ...
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    Mention your Current Taske.g. Cooking, Cleaning, Organising, Working ...
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    Specify your Available Itemse.g. Socks, Towels, Flour, Pens, Building Blocks ...
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    Receive tailored activities INSTANTLY with all key information
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Meaningful offline activities in a busy schedule

SAMA's intuitive and research-backed AI activity engine is designed to support and empower parents.


Easy Setup

Ready in under 5 minutes using what you already have at home.

Personalised Play

Tailored to your child’s evolving interests and developmental needs.

Daily Integration

Screen-free and inspired by everyday household tasks.


More Quality Time for Everyone

With our play engine, transform daily routines with enriching activities that ease your load, foster your child’s development, and nurture family bonds.


Share daily tasks creatively with your child to ease your load and empower the whole family.
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Enable self-directed play to help children learn life skills and reduce screen-time reliance.
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Turn household chores into bonding opportunities, strengthening family connections through shared activities.
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